Tips for Suppliers

​The tips listed below are provided to assist you in the fulfillment of National Security Technologies, LLC (NSTec) requirements and ensure that payment to you is rendered in a timely manner:
  • Include pricing information, FOB point, clear concise descriptions, payment terms, manufacturer, accurate promised delivery dates, shipping weight/dimensions, and any other pertinent information.
  • Published price list as well as GSA/FSS contracts may be requested.
  • Quotations/questions may be faxed to the following Procurement FAX numbers (listed in order of preference):
    (702) 295-2088, (702) 295-2324, or (702) 295-1865
  • NSTec is eligible for GSA and Government discounts.
Purchase Orders:
  • Read the purchase order carefully.
  • Write the PO number and item number and attach the packing slip on the outside of the box in plain view.
  • Do not ship multiple POs and/or multiple delivery to locations in the same box. Be sure to notate PO numbers and deliver to locations on the outside of the shipping container.
  • Partial shipments are acceptable, unless otherwise noted; however, insure that you include the PO number and indicate that this is a partial shipment of the referenced PO.
  • Note the freight routing given by the Buyer or marked on the PO. Do not deviate from the routing unless authorization by the Buyer is received. If you have any problems with the routing, contact NSTec Traffic, at (702) 295-3266, to assist you with the routing.
  • Collect Federal Express shipments must be marked: Government Overnight Package, with Block 41 marked as applicable.
  • Make sure the description (especially the part number) on the packing slip matches the description on the PO and the invoice.
  • Make sure you ship to the correct address. (See shipping addresses)
  • NSTec monitors deliveries. Late deliveries adversely affect award of future orders and may result in equitable adjustment to the PO.
  • Delivery is critical. Notify Buyer of any delays or changes. NSTec may be able to assist you with your delivery problems.
  • Expedite requests may be faxed to you to check status on orders. Please complete the form and return it immediately.
Accounts Payable:
  • Include the following on all invoices:
    Your tax ID number, PO number, Correct "Remit To", address, and Accounting point of contact number.
  • Invoices must match PO description, and should be mailed to:
        Accounts Payable
        M/S NLV025
        Post Office Box 98521
        Las Vegas, NV 89193-8521
  • You may FAX your invoice to NSTec Accounts Payable at (702) 295-6878.
  • If you wish to receive payment via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), please contact us at SUPPLIERMAINTENANCE@NV.DOE.GOV.
Credit Cards:
  • If a credit card is used, please be sure to mark the package as "Credit Card Purchase, with the credit card order log number on the shipping label.
  • NSTec employees are prohibited from using a credit card for hazardous materials.


Requests for further information should be directed to: