Information for Potential Construction Subcontractors

In our contract with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), National Security Technologies LLC (NSTec) has the overall responsibility to manage the Nevada National Security Site and all supporting facilities. NSTec has negotiated Project Labor Agreements with the various labor unions at the NNSS.
These labor agreements with NSTec are now signatory to cover both construction and maintenance and operations work.  The provisions of these labor agreements require all work subcontracted by NSTec in the State of Nevada to be performed under the terms and conditions of these Project Labor Agreements.
Therefore, when evaluating the requirements for performing construction and maintenance work at any DOE facility managed by NSTec, it is important that the provisions of the Project Labor Agreements be considered in your proposal to NSTec.  Depending on the work and scope of the NSTec solicitation, your firm may be required to sign a participation agreement with the appropriate union(s), binding your firm to the provisions of the Project Labor Agreements which cover the solicitations' scope of work.
If additional information is required, please contact the Subcontracts Department, Jeanette Matthews at (702) 295-2700 or Sharon Nanez at (702) 295-2649, or the Labor Relations Department, Clay Wes Young, (702) 295-0173.
Requests for further information should be directed to: