Jobs and Economic Impact of the NNSS


The NNSS is a significant contributor to the economy of Southern Nevada and the state as a whole.

With a budget of approximately $600 million annually, the NNSS brings a large amount of Federal monies from outside the state, and nearly all of it is spent right here in Nevada – with an estimated economic impact of $1.5 billion annually.

The NNSS also provides about 3,400 direct jobs in Nevada. The positions include scientists and engineers, construction and maintenance, waste management specialists, business and administrative, and security force.

As the management and operating contractor for the NNSS, National Security Technologies, LLC is the largest high-tech employer in Nevada, employing about 2,200 employees.

The capital assets at the site include more than 1,100 buildings valued at approximately $700 million. There are 598 miles of electrical transmission lines; 700 miles of primary, secondary, and unsurfaced roads; two air strips; and five heliports.